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At our weight loss center in Bloomington, we understand that there are a million reasons for weight gain, and another million reasons why losing it seems so hard. In the end, sustainable weight reduction isn’t about finding another crazy diet, a strenuous life-consuming exercise regimen, or booking an invasive surgery. It doesn’t have to be about a prescription medication that ramps up your heart.

Today, we stand with you and declare you free from the worry, and shame that being overweight can bring. We are ready to join you on a health journey that will change your life, without turning it upside down.

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Regner Health Solutions is now offering a medical weight loss program that is effective and affordable. The science behind our plan is simple, and the results are sustainable. This is not hype, it is not a trick. Doctors are saying that this program, by far, is the most influential and impactful approach to weight loss they have been able to offer patients in a very long time.

This doctor-supervised medical weight loss programs help you lose weight at a steady, healthy pace without cutting out the foods you love or exercising for hours everyday. There’s no wild appetite, no crazy cravings and no weight loss surgery. Just eat a small, nutritious meal, and your brain will signal to the body that you are satisfied. No more strenuous exercise or starvation diets, just healthy medical weight loss.

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On your first visit to our Bloomington weight clinic, you will be seen by our weight loss specialist to discuss any health concerns, your body mass index, outline your history of weight gain and loss and receive the first dose of this protein-based therapy. As your visits continue, take advantage of every opportunity to discuss your progress, and receive support, information, and encouragement from our incredible team about losing weight.

This program was devised by physicians who followed their own protocol, and they understand the challenges real weight loss entails. Their program and protocol are stress-free. Our staff training is extensive, and every patient experiences excellent care, great communication, and compassionate coaching. We are committed to helping our clients set and reach their healthy weight loss goals.

The Weight Loss Program

We understand you might be feeling cautious about what seems to be a simple solution for losing weight without weight loss surgery. But, partner with us, and you will find that our less expensive, non-invasive therapy works. Our medication received the doctor’s approval easily, with little fanfare, because it is safe and effective. It is simple to incorporate into a busy lifestyle and begins working immediately. Slow down the system that stimulates hunger impulses, and experience the sensation of feeling full and satisfied with smaller portions.

Our weight loss program is not about complicated meal plans, strenuous impossible exercise regimens, or battling strong urges to eat all day, every day. We are about achieving peace and a sense of balance, in your life, in your diet, and within. Our staff is trained to do just that. We are dedicated to working with you to help you lose weight and improve your overall health and wellness.

Weight Loss Clinic
Bloomington, Minnesota

Regner Health Solutions is a weight clinic that offers a weight loss program customized for each patient to address the factors influencing their weight gain and weight loss. These influences are different for each person and can include body type, body mass index, genetic makeup, diet, and lifestyle. Created by a trusted weight loss doctor with over twenty years of experience, the medical weight programs used at the clinic offers the best weight loss program you can find in Bloomington, a program that delivers real results without prescription medication or turning your entire life upside down with weight loss surgery.

Helping you lose weight and keeping it off is our primary goal at the Bloomington weight loss clinic. However, we are also dedicated to providing the best customer care and patient experience. We know it’s challenging, and at times discouraging to be overweight. Our upbeat compassionate team will make sure that the time you spend with us is inspiring, and that your health stays the primary goal.

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Forget the pills, supplements, clubs, apps, invasive weight loss surgery, and prescription drugs. Our experienced weight loss specialist and supportive staff would like you to see for yourself what a simple, protein-based medical weight loss programs can do. This is top-notch medical weight loss with the safest and most effective treatment to come along in over twenty years. We are here, ready to serve you in person with the best method for losing weight and getting your health back on track.

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Stay up to date on our most recent news and articles that we think are important. We aren’t about pushing prescription drugs, invasive surgery, or complicated plans where you spend all your waking hours obsessing over food and calorie counting. Instead, this is a safe, well-researched, doctor approved weight reduction therapy, unlike any other, to get you started on your weight loss journey

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    Education is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to nutrition and weight loss. Call us for more information, or to schedule a consultation. There is no obligation, only information. We have extensively trained staff in all matters related to weight loss, and they are always happy to share what they know.

    Make no mistake, this is the first step on your personal journey to health and wellness, and you are not alone. The goal you have dreamed of, losing weight and feeling great, is just ahead.

    Call Regner Health Solutions at (952) 900-3994 and discover just how easy it can be to take care of the most important person in your life, YOU.

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    We provide weight loss services for these Bloomington, MN areas:

    • East Bloomington
    • North Corridor Park
    • East Bloomington South
    • West Bloomington
    • West Bloomington North
    • Nord Myr Park
    • Canterbury Park
    • Anderson Park
    • Bloomington Southwest
    • Bloomington South
    • Oxboro
    • Bloomington Ferry
    • South Loop District
    • Penn-American
    • Skriebakken Park
    • Heritage Hills Park
    • Lake Girard Park
    • Bryant Park
    • Bloomington Northeast

    We also provide weight loss services for Bloomington, MN and these nearby locations:

    • Minneapolis
    • Mendota Heights
    • Burnsville
    • Eagan
    • Edina
    • Richfield
    • Savage
    • Eden Prairie
    • Saint Paul
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    • Mound
    • New Market
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    Weight Loss Clinic
    Bloomington, MN

    Regner Health Solutions is a weight loss clinic in Bloomington, Minnesota that specializes in medical weight loss. The weight loss center provides safe, non-surgical weight loss programs that help patients lose weight without being hungry. The healthy weight loss plan that the center provides is doctor supervised, physician recommended. The medication is doctor approved.