Regner Health Solutions Opens Weight Loss Clinic in Bloomington, MN

split image with a nurse, a medical compund and a smiling woman on a scale for Regner Health Solutions and hteir weight loss program

Regner Health Solutions announces the launch of a new weight loss clinic for people in Bloomington, MN and surrounding areas offering a new medical weight loss formula that is safe, effective and easy to build into a busy life. Based on a protein solution, GLP-1, Regner Health Solutions is experienced at administering this therapy that shows fast results without suffering hunger pangs or cravings. Anyone living in Bloomington or surrounding areas that has previously struggled to lose weight can call (952) 900-3994 or visit for more information.

Semaglutide is a doctor approved therapy new to the market. The formula uses proteins similar to those the body produces when you eat. Research has shown that if elevated and maintained, these proteins can switch off the desire to eat. People feel more full after smaller portions of food. Since reducing calories each day is the primary way to lose weight, GLP-1 does so without the battle with hunger that usually occurs when a person diets.

split image with a nurse, a medical compund and a smiling woman on a scale for Regner Health Solutions and hteir weight loss program
Regner Health Solutions – Medical Weight Loss Bloomington, MN

Regner Health Solutions founder and clinic owner Dave Regner says, “For over twenty years those of us working in the health and wellness field have understood that reducing the number of calories taken in every day is the main factor in successful weight loss.” However, food restrictions and eating less is a challenging thing to do without prescription medications or surgery. “It’s about time we had an effective therapy that’s easy to administer and doesn’t pose such serious risk,” says Regner.

While stimulant-based medication or gastric surgery have their place, especially for people at higher risk of urgent health issues due to obesity, a simpler approach to suppressing appetite is long overdue.

A reasonable caloric need for the average person is 1200 to 1800 per day. If an individual is relatively active, and has a normal metabolism, they might burn a percentage of those calories each day. Sadly, most Americans work sedentary jobs and sit for long periods of time. Unless they make a serious commitment to intense workouts and eating less calories, the body stores all of the excess as fat. In addition, the typical American diet in modern times has been heavy on carbohydrates, sugar and trans fats and low on nutrients. This leads many to feel tired and unmotivated to exercise and stay active, a vicious downward spiral. This goes a long way toward explaining the current obesity epidemic.

While there are a range of options in terms of budget, nothing is more expensive than a program that doesn’t work. Stimulant-based medications are expensive, as are gastric surgeries. These options can work, but they do pose some risk. Many weight loss professionals are saying that they are relieved to have a safer, more effective program to offer. Says Regner “Semaglutide is the kind of therapy we’ve been hoping for, one that patients will find easy to stay with, and one that results in notable weight loss.”

As the first clinic to offer Semaglutide in the region Regner Health Solutions is staffed with a professionals trained in administering the therapy. The solution is close to a 100% match to the proteins the body produces after consuming food. Elevated levels means feeling full after small amounts of food, with no trigger to cause cravings or overeating. The digestive process slows, and people report feeling fuller longer.

The highly trained medical specialist at Regner Health Solutions will conduct an initial consultation for prospective patients, and consider their Body Mass Index (BMI), medical history and other important factors before customizing the solution for use. The majority of participants report experiencing a less of a desire to eat soon after beginning the therapy. This is an doctor approved formula that is not known for triggering side effects. The rare few that have been reported are minor digestive issues that resolve quickly.

After the initial consultation and overview of medical history, a client receives a customized dose of Semaglutide. Progress is monitored over several weeks, and the dosage increases until an ideal level of protein is reached. The individual then follows up with quick visits for ongoing treatment.

People in Bloomington, MN interested in getting more information about Semaglutide and the Regner Health Solutions can call (952) 900-3994 to schedule a consultation or visit

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