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We provide the following weight loss services for people in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Doctor Prescribed Weight Loss Bloomington MN - Best Doctor Prescribed Weight Loss Bloomington MN

The weight loss services at Regner Health Solutions, designed by a top weight loss doctor, are for people who are ready to lose weight, feel healthier and gain more control over their wellness journey without turning their lives upside down.

You’ve likely tried other weight loss products. Some of you may have tried strong weight loss prescription drugs, risking side effects. Others have tried extreme calorie restrictions or expensive meal plans. If you have ever wondered if there is an easier, safer weight loss program that you can incorporate into daily life- that works…the answer is YES.

At Regner Health Solutions, we aren’t about pushing prescription drugs, invasive surgery, or complicated plans where you spend all your waking hours obsessing over food and calorie counting. Instead, this is a safe, well-researched, doctor approved weight reduction therapy, unlike any other.

Administered by a trained medical weight loss specialist, our therapy is based on a protein your body produces naturally. Simply tell your body and brain that you are full after small portions. Regner Health Solutions brings results quickly and empowers patients to make incremental, yet important life changes that lead to significant long-term weight loss, maintenance, and wellness. Once you experience the freedom of eating and weighing less, you won’t ever go back.

Weight Loss Program Bloomington MN - Top Weight Loss Program Bloomington MN

What is medical weight loss like in Minnetonka, MN?

People use the terms “medical weight loss” and “surgical weight loss” as though they are the same. They are not. Surgical weight loss, especially if “bariatric” is mentioned, involves invasive procedures, usually gastric bypass or gastric sleeve procedures. This drastic measure involves anesthesia and poses many risks.

“Medical weight loss” is any non-surgical weight loss program supervised by a licensed physician. A doctor uses their extensive knowledge to support you in developing a plan that suits your unique medical history, lifestyle, and habits. This is known as medical weight loss. Our program fits into the latter category, but it is still very different from medical weight loss as you currently know it.

Doctor prescribed weight loss in some cases means prescription medication such as Phentermine or Adipex. These drugs are not for everyone. Other doctors favor strenuous exercise and severe restrictions on calories. While we all know this is a healthier option, it can be next to impossible to fit into a hectic daily routine. And, often you feel ashamed when you can’t. It’s a terrible spiral. Doctors recommend it, but they hardly know how to help you implement it.

Regner Health Solutions offers another way, a therapy that is the best weight loss program now available in the medical community. This is doctor supervised weight loss with 100% involvement from the physician and his team, who administer a safe, effective therapy that has immediate results. Not fake “pounds melt away” kind of results. Instead, a protein-based solution tells your body you are full after much smaller meals, without feeling hungry, and like you have been denied. The solution is made from the proteins your body releases when you eat, and convinces your brain and body chemistry that you are satisfied, after just a small meal.

Weight Loss Bloomington MN - Best Weight Loss Bloomington MN

Weight Loss Prescription Medications

It’s no secret that weight loss medications were developed for use in cases of extreme obesity, and people with a specific health profile. There are risks related to blood pressure, increased heart rate, problems sleeping, and more. For decades, doctors have been balancing the potential risks posed by the medication, with the health risks that an overweight person faces. In some cases, extreme obesity is more dangerous than the drug, or there just isn’t another option, and they move ahead and write that prescription.

The doctors who developed the Regner Health Solutions protocol understand the risks more than most. For two decades as medical weight loss practitioners, they prescribed these drugs to many patients who lacked any other option. But, many of their patients did not qualify for the drug, or worse, could not afford it. Then, some took the drug, only to regain the weight once they went off the medication.

Convinced there was a better way, these doctors spent years researching body chemistry, eating, enzymes, digestion, and energy regulation. They came to realize that naturally occurring proteins, known as peptides, were the answer they were looking for.

Today, their protein-based therapy for weight loss has emerged as one of the safest, and most effective medical weight loss solutions to come along in over two decades. It’s simple, safe, and can be easily administered. This is great news for the growing demographic of overweight Americans, which is now believed to be well above 41% of the population (only pre-pandemic data is available).

This therapy is a custom blend of proteins and a proven nutrient that is a metabolic booster, B-12. These proteins are the same as those your body uses to signal that it is satisfied, and no longer hungry. Our bodies are designed to feel full and fully satisfied, on much less food than we currently tend to eat. This protein therapy restores the body to that “normal” state and you simply, easily eat less. Weight loss happens naturally and at a healthy pace. And, best of all, a medical doctor trained in weight loss will be with you every step of the way.

Appetite Suppression Medications Bloomington MN - Best Appetite Suppression Medications Bloomington MN

Your First Weight Loss Consultation

Your first weight loss consultation at Regner Health Solutions will be as simple as any other doctor visit. Some pre-screening takes place over the phone when you call for that first appointment. Although rare, if there is anything that prohibits your use of the therapy, it’s best to discover it early on.

Once you visit, the specialist and his team will use that first consultation to take a thorough medical history, discuss your past approaches to weight loss, and share any issues you may have experienced with programs you’ve tried.

Our team is highly trained, professional, and compassionate. There is no judgment, and all questions will be patiently and thoroughly answered. It is their privilege to educate and coach you to success. The licensed medical doctor on-site will look at your medical history, BMI and weight, and any other relevant data, and recommend the starting dose. This protocol starts slow, not because it isn’t safe, but because it’s been proven to be more successful if the body can adjust slowly to the changes.

Thereafter, there are weekly visits, and checkups to see how your system is responding, and when appropriate, you can move up to a higher dose. There are three stages, with full doses administered usually within the first three months. What you will find is that it only requires a small amount of food to feel satisfied, and you will have greater energy, and be in a better mood. The consumption of smaller meals allows your body to ramp up its metabolism while consuming fewer calories. The best part is, that you won’t feel you have been denied anything. You won’t experience pangs of hunger. The battle to not eat too much will disappear.

There is freedom in eating well, and food that you like, but of course, those who choose nutrient-rich foods will experience the maximum health benefit. That will never change. Our team is trained to help with this, along with any other issue or question you may have.

Regner Health Solutions is effective and innovative, but we decided from the outset that giving the patient an excellent customer experience, from start to finish, was the most important thing. Otherwise, we are just another clinic.

Schedule a Weight Loss Consultation

If you have been searching for the right way to lose extra weight, and get your health on track, you’ve seen what’s out there. Pills, supplements, clubs, apps, invasive surgery, and prescription drugs. Are those approaches for you? In the end, we all know that eating less, moving more, and having the right mindset is key to weight loss. What hasn’t been clear is how to get started.

Well, now it is clear. Our support team is waiting for you at Regner Health Solutions. This top-notch medical weight loss practice has the safest and most effective approach to eating less, with the greatest potential to lose weight in a healthy way.

There is no reason to wait! Call Regner Health Solutions at (952) 900-3994 for your first consultation, and by the next day, be on your way to a lighter, brighter you.

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