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The information presented here helps answer common questions about our weight loss program. Our patients describe our weight loss services as affordable, easy to do, and effective. This doctor supervised weight loss treatment uses Doctor approved GLP-1 as a primary medication, meaning you can avoid amphetamine-based treatments with dangerous side effects, starvation diets, and crazy exercise regimes. The doctor prescribed weight loss method is adjustable, providing consistent results instead of stalls on your weight reduction journey. When you’re ready to start the best weight loss program, call us at (952) 900-3994.

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How Does the Medication Work?

Our weight loss prescription penetrates the blood-brain barrier signaling your hippocampus that you are full after a few bites of food, making you feel satiated on fewer calories. It is a naturally occurring glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1). That is a peptide hormone that we are all born with, but it diminishes as we age. Researchers noted that individuals post gastric bypass surgery for weight loss were secreting this hormone ten times more than pre-surgery. Some weight loss products and diets leave you hungry, which is why they fail. This prescription does not.

How Fast are the Results?

You will notice results after your first dose of this Doctor approved medication, usually given at the end of the initial weight loss consultation. The day after you leave the weight loss clinic, it will impact your hunger. That is why our weight loss services are so successful; there is no waiting period with this form of medical weight loss. What is more impressive is that we start patients on a quarter-dose at the start, so the doctor supervised weight loss hasn’t even reached its full potential before you begin to feel the results.

Why is the Program So Affordable?

This non-surgical weight loss stays affordable because we work directly with our compounding pharmacy and avoid pricey marketing campaigns. The top weight loss doctor behind the clinical concepts and weight loss products used here believes that income should not be a barrier to doctor prescribed weight loss and developed this treatment plan to be as affordable as possible. We work directly with our pharmaceutical company to eliminate third-party services and fees. The weight loss doctor who started this program found word-of-mouth and real results to be better than paid advertising could be.

How Do You Customize the Program for Each Patient?

We adjust the weekly level of GLP-1 used for treatment to provide the most effective and safe dose of our weight loss prescription. This protein is the driver behind this program, starting with that quarter dose at the weight loss consultation. Your specialists will adjust the levels to promote efficacy for maximum weight loss each week.

What are the Side Effects?

While all medications have potential side effects, GLP-1 rarely presents more than a couple of instances of loose stool. A handful of patients also felt minor nausea which our weight loss clinic can help with a prescription. That makes this medical weight loss treatment safer than options like Phentermine (sold under brands like Adipex) that are or mimic amphetamine-based medications. After months of treatment, you might experience constipation on your weight reduction journey. We are considered the best weight loss program by patients for our ability to adjust medicines to each patient’s body, so side effects are rare.

What Determines How Fast People Lose Weight?

Body mass index (BMI) and weight determine how fast a person will shed unwanted pounds with this non surgical weight loss method. The more overweight a patient is, the more they will lose weight each week compared to someone closer to their ideal target weight. Working with a weight loss doctor provides consistent and steady weight reduction, even if you are closer to your standard BMI.

Who Qualifies for this Weight Loss Program?

The only potential patients that would not qualify for our doctor supervised weight loss system are those with thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN 1)abdominal cancer, or those suffering from frequent pancreatitis. The top weight loss doctor that created this program has never had to turn a patient away due to these conditions; that is how rare they are. This limited number of contraindications means that almost everyone can qualify for our weight loss services.

Will I Get the Nutrition I need in My Diet?

Our patients get the nutrition they need while using our doctor prescribed weight loss method, with a multivitamin added to the regime of patients who are very overweight or diagnosed obese. The prescription medication reduces your food intake to natural portion sizes. After leaving the weight loss consultation on their first dose of GLP-1, a patient’s body starts the process of adjusting to portion sizes they should be eating. You relearn your relationship with food, making this program easy to maintain over the long term.

What Have the Results Been with Your Patients?

This weight loss prescription has provided better results that patients maintain than any other weight loss products I’ve ever experienced in all my years as a weight loss doctor. Some of my most overweight patients using these weight loss services have turned their lives around after a month. The weight reduction they achieve improves their movement, stamina, emotions, mental state, and day-to-day interactions with others. That makes it easier for them to continue making lifestyle changes to reach their target weight reduction goals.

How Profound is the New Medicine?

GLP-1 is so profound it is a game-changer according to the media, and they are right. Before, weight loss products like Adipex and other stimulant-based prescriptions offered weight loss while patients were taking them. These medications can generate cardiovascular side effects, and something like Phentermine will stop working when you stop taking it. Now, this new Doctor approved medicine offers you non surgical weight loss without the amphetamine side effects. This medical weight loss is sustainable because it retrains your body so that you are full from smaller food portions.

How Has the Medication Helped You Personally?

I’ve lost 42 pounds using this medication. My clinical partner hinted that I was becoming overweight and shared how he had tackled his morbid obesity. I was skeptical after past experiences but was so successful with this treatment that I began using it with my patients, who also experience sustainable results.

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